Why Our Dinners

Our ready meals are always freshly cooked by our talented chef on the same day as they are delivered to you and in the same way as would be done in restaurants. The ingredients and flavours are always at their freshest, tastiest when you eat them.
Imagine you just wanted a meal for the evening, but there’s no food outlet around that would deliver it because it doesn’t meet their minimum delivery quantity. No more frustrations! We’ll deliver any quantities, from feeding one person to feeding an army!
Our meals come from culinary wonderlands all around the world, we will also introduce popular meals from Mexico, Thailand, and Indonesia and more. We all need a bit of spice in life, right!

How Does the Delivery Work

Meals are delivered the between 5:00pm – 6:30pm on the following days after the order is made. For example if meals are ordered on Tuesday, they will be delivered on Wednesday or any days after Wednesday except on the weekends.
We will first call you to let you know we are outside, if we can’t get an answer we will put the meal in a safe location suggested by you inside a tamper evident sealed bag.
We deliver to the area bound by Hills Road, East Road, Newmarket Road, Coldham Lane, Brooks Road, Perne Road, and Cherry Hinton Road.